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REGULATORY FRAMEWORK. MANUALS. 2013-01-14 · EASA OPS Part-NCO has now been published as Opinion 01/2012.The draft Implementing Rules are in this document. These rules will apply to non-commercial operations of other-than-complex motor-powered aircraft that fall within EASA's remit (i.e. not Annex II aircraft). EASA Air Operations Part-ORO, Part-NCC and Part-SPA, fully or partially as required. These operators shall submit to FOCA a declaration which includes a list of approvals (SPAs) held.

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An EASA AOC is only granted to operators conducting EASA Part-CAT operations. National public transport operations will continue to require a National AOC, e.g. Police and Search and Rescue. Operations undertaken by one person. These are included in Part-ORO.GEN. EASA is developing further AMC/guidance material to cover one-person operations.

What you do with that recommendation is up to you. Conclusion. The new Part-NCO rules give us a lot of freedom.


The ICAO Technical Instructions and EASA Part NCC permit passengers and crew to carry a specific list of dangerous goods. These are mainly items that are medical necessities, or that have a low hazard and are consumer items.

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As of 25 August 2016, Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 amended will apply for non-commercial air operators with other-than complex motor-powered aircraft (further called NCO operators) with a principal place of business or residing in Switzerland or any EASA member state. To become compliant with the applicable requirements, Operativa regler EASA-OPS Enligt Part-NCO TMG ska opereras som: (1) flygplan när de flygs med motor; och som (2) segelflygplan när de flygs utan motor. TMG ska vara utrustade som flygplan Motoriserade segelflygplan ska opereras och utrustas som segelflygplan NCO.GEN.130 Information on emergency and survival equipment carried . Except for aircraft taking-off and landing at the same aerodrome/operating site, the operator shall, at all times, have available for immediate communication to .

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Syftet med vägledningen är att underlätta införandet av UAS som ett förmågehöjande verktyg i verksamheten, som rätt  av E Al Hamrani · 2017 — introduced into a new section under AMC & GM (Guidance Material). EASA. European Aviation Safety Agency. EFB. Electronic Flight Bag för närvarande inga bestämmelser om användning av EFB i NCC, NCO och SPO. A.401 i bilaga Vb (Part-ML), beroende på vad som är tillämpligt.
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AMC-20-25 Part-ARO Part-ARO AMC/GM Part-CAT Part-CAT AMC/GM Part-Definitions Part-NCC Part-NCC AMC/GM Part-NCO Part-NCO AMC/GM Part-SPA Part-SPA AMC/GM Part-SPO Part-SPO AMC/GM : RMT.0296 (OPS.008(a)) Review of aeroplane performance requirements for commercial air transport operations : NPA 2016-11 Answers to FAQs about EASA Part-NCC. If you are an AOC holder flying non-commercial operations with an aircraft otherwise used for commercial air transport operations, listed in the operations specification of your AOC, then you should refer to ORO.AOC.125. 2016-06-29 · Part-NCO is the EASA regulations for operating non-complex aircraft. It is the part of EASA operations regulations that apply to us. Note that if you are looking for this on the EASA web site they make it rather less difficult to find their Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material than the actual EU regulation. Part-ARO Part-ARO AMC/GM Part-CAT Part-CAT AMC/GM Part-Definitions Part-Definitions GM Part-ORO AMC/GM RMT.0595 Technical review of the TK syllabi, LOs, and examination procedures for ATPL, MPL, CPL, and IRs: Subject 040 & Area 100 KSA The requirements for EASA aircraft are set out in EASA Air Operations Regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) No. 965/2012) under Annex VII (Part-NCO) or Annex VIII (Part-SPO which is applicable in the UK from 21 April 2017). Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Annex VII - Part-NCO EASA Air Operations Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 Part-SPO (Specialised Operations) applies to any aircraft operation, other than commercial air transport, where the aircraft is used for specialised activities such as agriculture, construction, photography, surveying, observation, patrol and aerial advertisement.

It has introduced operational rules progressively, and the European rules applying to Commercial Air EASA non-commercial air operations with other than complex motor-powered aircraft (Part-NCO) EASA Air Operations Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 Annex VII (Part-NCO) applies to non-commercial flights in other-than-complex motor-powered EASA aircraft. Part-NCO will apply in the UK from 25 August 2016. EASA Part- NCO for aircraft. EASA air operations regulation (EU) no 965/2012 ANNEX VII, PART-NCO, applies to non-commercial flights in other-than complex motor-powered EASA aircraft. PART-NCO will apply in Europe as from 25th August 2016. Forums: Flying - EASA Law structure for dummies. I’ve lost the plot a little with all the EASA publications.
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Intenco AB växer vidare och vi är glada… Oversaw PR and marketing strategies that led to exceptional first year growth and EASA becoming one of Lund's Part of a team creating a movie showcasing UPF to current and prospective  EASA: Regelarbete som berör det lätta flyget – en lägesrapport EASA regelarbete sid 32: Ny AC behandlar fram till CRD b.4 »Resulting text of Part-NCO«. Certificeret I henhold til EASA Part M: DK.MF.0001samt Part G/I: gelflyg inte kommer att följa OPS Part-NCO som skulle börja gäl- la den 25  Flygförare ska dessutom uppfylla kraven i EASA. Part-NCO/SPO. Andreförare eller spanare ska alltid ingå i besättningen och ska vara väl insatt i uppdraget och i  Direktlänken till Easy Access Rules for Air Operations finns här. (Sök på Annex VII så hittar du part NCO). A.100(a) som yt- terligare i sin tur pekar på EU 748/2012 som är EU Part 21 som Nu gäller enligt EASA bestämmelsen: NCO.IDE.A.160 Hand fire extinguisher.

These are mainly items that are medical necessities, or that have a low hazard and are consumer items.
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Liikenteen turvallisuusvirasto Ohjelma EASA's new Part-NCC regulations explained Help available for operators meeting new guidelines A long-planned regulatory change that will alter the operations of many business aircraft in Europe will go into effect August 25, 2016. Servus, die Unterschiede für die entsprechenden Betriebsvorschriften (Part-NCC vs. Part-NCO) liegen vermutlich nur im Detail. Hauptunterschied ist allerdings, dass man für den NCC Betrieb, sich ebenfalls an Vorgaben aus Part-ORO (ORO.GEN.005) halten mussdaraus ergibt sich die Notwendigkeit für ein entsprechendes Handbuch/OM (ORO.MLR.100) und die Pflicht, eine Declaration (ORO.DEC.100 EASA Air Operations Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 Part-NCC applies to non-commercial flights in complex motor-powered aircraft.

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Nya Part NCO gäller från 25 aug 2016 - PPLteori

August treten die neuen  Rules – Operations), but it is also known as EASA OPS or EASA AIR OPS. Part-NCC (non-commercial air operations with complex motor-powered aircraft)  An EASA State is any State, including Ireland where the Commission Regulations on air operations apply. Derogations for non-commercial operations with twin  EASA AIR OPS - COMMERCIAL AIR TRANSPORT OPERATORS FOR AEROPLANES · Annex V - Specific Approvals [Part-SPA]. · Annex VI: Part NCC ( Non-  According to Part-NCC rules, a complex, motor-powered aircraft has at least one of these: Under Part-NCC rules, operators must use only suitably qualified and   Annex V - Part-SPA, Specific approvals; Annex VI – Part NCC, non-commercial air operations with complex motor-powered aircraft. This course DOES NOT cover:. 17 items Part-NCO - Non-commercial operations with other than complex-motor-powered aircraft · 17 Sep 2019. Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and  Vedder Thinking | Articles EASA Part-NCC: What Do Financiers Need to Know? "complex motor-powered aircraft" for noncommercial operations (NCC) must  EASA has created "Easy Access" documents with consolidated texts divided per The rules for GA, Part NCC (Non-Commercial Complex) and Part NCO  The EASA requirements titled Part-NCC (non-commercial operations of complex motor-powered aircraft) propose a division of regulatory responsibility between  EASA Part NCO up to Amendment Condition.